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In the world, there are a vast number of methods for divining one of the most common questions – “Yes or No?” Interestingly, this simple question holds special significance in our lives and can be decisive in many situations.

Whether it’s accepting a marriage proposal, a new job, or an educational opportunity, we often respond with just a “Yes” or “No,” leaving no room for doubts. However, such decision-making is not limited to major events. Almost every day, we encounter questions that can only be answered with a “Yes” or “No.”

When it comes to divination for a “Yes or No” question, many prefer to use the simple method with a coin. This small object is always readily available and offers two possible answers. However, in the past, matchstick divination was also popular, and it had its advantages. By tossing matches from a box and counting them, you could get an answer of “Yes” or “No” even without any special skills.
The statistics of divination show that there are interesting approaches to interpreting the results. For example, some traditions associate an even number of fallen matches (divisible by 2) with the answer “Yes,” while an odd number of matches is associated with “No.” Such interpretations are based on ancient associations with the concepts of “right” and “wrong.”

People who frequently resort to divination for “Yes or No” questions may develop their own rituals. For instance, they may perform three divinations in a row using different methods such as a coin, matches, and runes. The final answer is determined based on which option occurs most frequently.

Divinations for “Yes or No” questions carry a certain magic and intrigue. They allow us to turn to our inner intuition and make decisions based on intuitive feelings. Ultimately, regardless of the divination method, it is essential to remember that the ultimate decision is always made by ourselves and that our inner voice can be our most faithful guide.

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